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Email migration is the process by which you convert emails to and from all major file types and as a user you may wonder why this is really important. Different emails use different file types therefore making it impossible to access emails on an account other than the original one. To be able to switch email clients as you wish, download an email migration tool that can transfer your emails to and from all the file types you prefer. For users, the most recommended tool is the OLM to PST Converter free available online by Gladwev that comes with well-defined features and guarantees smooth olm to pst file transfer. It is the only tool that runs directly on Mac and does not require a third party operating system such as Windows or Linux. This means that you can transfer emails directly to pst file format, a safer, faster process compared to exporting your entire database from Mac. The free olm to pst migration tool available online comes with lots of advantages for not only the individual user but also for firms that handle their users’ mail data. There are so many pros to using this tool and below are but a few.

The only tool that can convert your entire Mac database and safely convert your emails.

olm to pst converter toolThe free online tool to transfer olm to pst is a remarkable tool by any standards thanks to a wide array of features that give priority to the security of your emails. one of the most common issues with olm to pst file transfer is the inability of most tools to save non-English content therefore making it frustrating for global users who interact in languages other than English. This tool is able to save double byte characters such as Japanese, Arabic and Chinese so as to preserve all text that may contain such characters. All converted pst files are saved in the same folders as Outlook Mac which makes your emails accessible to you and ready for use once the process is complete. This way, you can also confirm that all emails meant to be converted all check out.

Easily manage all the small pieces of data saved in your emails.

You can merge different pieces of data into more manageable sizes including files, contacts and calendar items. This tool is smartly convenient and can automatically convert emails that are saved in various hard disk and folder locations on Mac. Additionally, it is the only tool that lets you convert multiple olm archives at a go

OLM to PST Converter free tool for mac

so it is easy to manage large email volumes such as in firms that handle their clients’ email data. Contacts are really small sized files that can easily get damaged but this application ensures they are all saved perfectly using Unicode. This is a feature that can process up to sixty address book fields in split seconds to ensure not even the least bit of data lost. Enjoy free and convenient mail transfer using the best free online tool to export olm to pst for Mac.

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