This is how Outlook mac to PST conversion is done like a pro

If you have always wondered how to convert OLM mac to PST for windows, then you will find the best information, compiled in this article.

The OLM to PST windows email conversion process is nowadays fairly common among all mac users who want to work on their emails on a larger scale.

There are many tools that offer OLM mac to PST conversion but the number of tools that you can actually rely on is very less.

According to various email migration experts, the best way to convert your Outlook mac to PST emails is to hire a professional third party email converter that has been specially created to simplify the said process without the need for previous experience.

The OLM to PST converter Ultimate stands at the top with being the most preferred OLM to PST conversion utility that is so simple to operate that everyone can do it at the drop of a hat.

What is the OLM to PST converter Ultimate?

The OLM to PST converter Ultimate is a mac Outlook to PST conversion tool that has been designed by experts to help normal users in converting their mac emails to PST for windows.

The tool works directly on mac and makes it possible for you to have 100% guarantee of no data loss or file corruption.

The OLM to PST converter Ultimate is your best bet when it comes to moving emails from Outlook mac to Outlook windows. It saves all attachments and gives you total freedom to shift your emails whenever you want, and that too without needing much experience in the email conversion segment.

The OLM to PST converter tool is now available in a free demo version that has been offered to give you a glimpse of the tool’s features and flawless performance. Try it here.


OLM to PST Converter free available online

Email migration is the process by which you convert emails to and from all major file types and as a user you may wonder why this is really important. Different emails use different file types therefore making it impossible to access emails on an account other than the original one. To be able to switch email clients as you wish, download an email migration tool that can transfer your emails to and from all the file types you prefer. For users, the most recommended tool is the OLM to PST Converter free available online by Gladwev that comes with well-defined features and guarantees smooth olm to pst file transfer. It is the only tool that runs directly on Mac and does not require a third party operating system such as Windows or Linux. This means that you can transfer emails directly to pst file format, a safer, faster process compared to exporting your entire database from Mac. The free olm to pst migration tool available online comes with lots of advantages for not only the individual user but also for firms that handle their users’ mail data. There are so many pros to using this tool and below are but a few.

The only tool that can convert your entire Mac database and safely convert your emails.

olm to pst converter toolThe free online tool to transfer olm to pst is a remarkable tool by any standards thanks to a wide array of features that give priority to the security of your emails. one of the most common issues with olm to pst file transfer is the inability of most tools to save non-English content therefore making it frustrating for global users who interact in languages other than English. This tool is able to save double byte characters such as Japanese, Arabic and Chinese so as to preserve all text that may contain such characters. All converted pst files are saved in the same folders as Outlook Mac which makes your emails accessible to you and ready for use once the process is complete. This way, you can also confirm that all emails meant to be converted all check out.

Easily manage all the small pieces of data saved in your emails.

You can merge different pieces of data into more manageable sizes including files, contacts and calendar items. This tool is smartly convenient and can automatically convert emails that are saved in various hard disk and folder locations on Mac. Additionally, it is the only tool that lets you convert multiple olm archives at a go

OLM to PST Converter free tool for mac

so it is easy to manage large email volumes such as in firms that handle their clients’ email data. Contacts are really small sized files that can easily get damaged but this application ensures they are all saved perfectly using Unicode. This is a feature that can process up to sixty address book fields in split seconds to ensure not even the least bit of data lost. Enjoy free and convenient mail transfer using the best free online tool to export olm to pst for Mac.

export .olm to .pst format

.OLM to .PST Email Conversion Software

Convert .OLM emails to .PST accurately and securely using the best tool in the market called the OLM to PST Converter ultimate edition.

Emails are one of the most popular means of modern communication. It has grown over the years such that pretty much anyone with access to the internet has at least one. However, since different email clients use different email file types, sharing emails between email clients has never been easy. Additionally, most tools for converting emails are poorly built which makes them ineffective. For example, Windows Outlook uses email files of a type known as .PST whereas the Outlook Mac uses file types known as .OLM. These two file types are not compatible with each other. To view Outlook Mac emails from Windows Outlook, you will need a .OLM to .PST email conversion software.At present, the OLM to PST Converter edition is the best software specifically developed to take care of all your Outlook Mac to Outlook Windows conversion needs. The OLM to PST Converter ultimate edition comes with a free demo version that you download. The demo version is designed to convert up to 10 items contained in every folder in your Outlook Mac mail data to .PST format, fast and without any chances of loss or data corruption. If the results are impressive, it is time to acquire the licensed version and open your way to endless .OLM files to .PST conversion.

48 OLM to PST Conversion Tool for Mac

The OLM to PST Converter comes with a lot of features that enable users to perform a customized .OLM to .PST conversion.

The OLM to PST Converter ultimate edition can convert your .OLM files into .PST format in batch or as single OLM files. Additionally, users can choose to carry out an automatic or manual conversion. The automatic conversion is when the tool automatically picks all the .OLM emails and converts them to .PST format. In the manual mode, the user gets to choose specific emails to convert from .OLM to .PST. Unlike other .OLM to .PST conversion widgets, the ultimate edition runs directly on your Mac. This avoids a lot of issues which come up after transferring an OLM archive file to another OS such as Windows or Linux. Furthermore, the OLM to PST Converter ultimate edition is ensures that all the converted email content is arranged in the same structure and hierarchy after the process is over. It is the only software in the market able to keep your mail data intact and thus saving you the trouble of having to arrange the emails yourself. This is exactly what happens when using other .OLM to .PST conversion tools.

transfer olm file to pst format

The OLM to PST Converter ultimate edition offers users a free chance to carry out professional and efficient .OLM to .PST email conversion.

The OLM to PST Converter has been made great, thanks to feedback from clients that have led to major improvements and upgrades over the years. This tool makes the conversion from Outlook Mac to Windows Outlook both smooth and stress-free since by the time is over, the look and feel will be so familiar, it will be hard to tell you have shifted emails at all. On the contrary, most software in the market are incapable of keeping your email data together after conversion from .OLM to .PST. As a result, you will have to go through all your emails, manually fish out and arrange the emails imported from your Outlook Mac database, this can get really frustrating. The OLM to PST Converter makes it easy to move emails from Mac to Windows thanks to its many features. Get a free copy of the OLM to PST Converter today and run it directly from your Mac and experience the most superior email conversion in any tool in the market.

OLM to PST                                                                                    convert olm to pst

The finest OLM to PST converter tool brought to you by Gladwev software

“Is there a specific tool that can help in converting Mac OLM to windows PST?”

This is the most common question that is asked by almost all mac users who wish to convert their emails from Outlook mac to windows PST format.

What is the main problem that the users face while trying to convert OLM files to PST with OLM to PST file converter tools?

The main danger that all users have faced since a long time, is the danger of data loss or file corruption. As earlier, all users had to go through manual email conversion which was both slow and unpredictable. It was due to this notion that email conversion from mac to windows was deemed a dangerous process.

Fortunately, with time, automatic email conversion was devised and some OLM to PST converter tools surfaced. These tools claimed to have solved the problem of data loss and file corruption. But it was questioned, as since then, a large number of tools have surfaced and most of them turn out to be flukes.

So it is crucial that you only choose the best tool for your OLM to PST email transfer.

OLM to PST converterYou can go for the OLM to PST converter Ultimate, a superior OLM to PST converter tool by Gladwev software, which has been designed to be the safest and fastest OLM to PST converter tool till date.

It is so easy to use that even first time users can freely get 100% accurate results without any experience.

It is the best choice for mac users because it works directly on mac and ensures that you don’t have to manually locate your email files for conversion. The tool provides an express conversion feature that makes everything almost automatic. You can just get the tool and start converting.

Gladwev software has been generous enough to provide this OLM to PST converter tool for free. You can try the limited edition and upgrade when satisfied.  OLM to PST

convert olm to pst

OLM to PST Transfer Tools

The OLM to PST Converter gives users the chance to control how they access their emails by transferring OLM files to PST files

Email migration is the process of transferring email files from one email client to another. It is carried out by specialized email migration tools that are able to convert the format of email files. It is a neat solution for sharing emails between email clients, especially the ones that do not share compatible email file types such as Outlook Mac and Windows Outlook. If you own a Mac and manage emails using Outlook Mac mail client, you should know that it uses a file format known as OLM. In contrast, Windows Outlook uses what is known as the PST file format. Therefore, it becomes problematic trying to view Outlook Mac emails from Windows Outlook due to the compatibility issues involved. The only chance if you really have to transform Outlook Mac emails to Windows Outlook, is by the transferring OLM files to PST. Nevertheless, performing email conversion, especial for Outlook Mac can turn out to be pretty complicated, particularly if you are not using the correct email conversion tools. In the current market, the OLM to PST Converter ultimate comes as the best email migration software that runs directly on Mac to transfer OLM to PST file format.

The powerful OLM to PST Converter lets you control exactly what you transfer from OLM to PST format

transfer olm file to pst formatThe OLM to PST Converter ultimate edition runs directly on your Mac, as a result, it is capable of flawlessly converting all your emails in Outlook Mac to Windows Outlook. Other OLM to PST tools that do not run on Mac often develop problems during the conversion process since the OLM archive file that they use is incompatible with other OS. Fortunately, the OLM to PST ultimate edition is not faced with such issues. It is powerful and fast with the capability to handle the transfer of OLM email data to PST in bulk or as individual files. This makes this tool appropriate whether you are a business or an individual. The ultimate edition converts all your OLM emails, contacts and calendars to PST while preserving the content of these data by ensuring that nothing is left behind; whether it is a language containing double-byte characters such as Japanese and Chinese or Unicode content.

The OLM to PST Converter ultimate edition runs directly on Mac when transferring emails from OLM to PST

transfer OLM to PST file formatThe OLM to PST Converter is equipped with all the required features to handle an effective, fast and professional transfer from OLM to PST. The ultimate edition converts email content of all types and formats from OLM to PST. These include: attachments such as pictures, documents, audio and even video files as well as contacts, and even email headers such as; subject, ‘to, from and cc’. When seeking to transfer your emails from Mac to Windows, it is important to realize that the tool you choose to use is critical. It determines whether the whole process will be successful or not. When using most of the other OLM to PST transfer tools, you risk putting your emails through a really slow and an unstable process that could lead to the loss of your email data. Download your very own copy today for a chance to experience this amazing email conversion engine at work.

How to move from Mac Outlook to Windows with the .olm to .pst Converter?

best .olm to .pst Converter


Download and install OLM to PST Converter Tool on as many computers as your license key allows. The first step in the conversion process requires you to select data from the Mac Outlook database or any other location on your computer which .olm to .pst converter tool needs to migrate. It will pick up the parent folders as well as subfolder so that the entire organizational hierarchy is preserved in Windows Outlook. If there are dozens of files of the same category extracted from your old email client, use the merge functionality to group them into one file and import it to Windows client. In the end you’ll get a detailed report on the conversion process.

Find your best OLM to PST conversion tool here

Unique, error free, perfect and easy OLM to PST conversions are no more a myth!

Find your best OLM to PST conversion tool here. Start apt conversions with Gladwev’s OLM to PST

When you decide to start working on your old Windows system, you have a lot of mails and files and folders that are to be taken back to your Windows system because they are very important and thus, you rely on the inbuilt feature of Mac for transport of OLM to PST which demands the creation of an IMAP account and thus leads to vast amount of time consumption.

But if you are in an urgent need of speedy conversions, you are going to get the solution of your problem here. You are going to read the features of an OLM to PST files conversion tool that will definitely guide you at all times and help you complete your conversion task in a lesser amount of time.

You can convert OLM to PST which includes the conversion of your Mac mails and attachments and also the clocks, contacts and calendar entries. All these database files are read and each and every piece of these files is carefully handled.

The non – English characters which are used in the mails and lets you get connected with friends and colleagues staying abroad, is one of those special character which is left unread by all other converters but OLM to PST file converter converts them as well.

Also, when you export OLM to PST using the OLM to PST Converter Pro, you find all your files and folders arranged in the same hierarchical structure as it were before the conversion. All your converted files are saved at your desired location and thus it becomes easy for you to find your relevant files.

You also have a trial version of the tool available at which helps you transfer 10 OLM to files PST from each folder.