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When you decide to start working on your old Windows system, you have a lot of mails and files and folders that are to be taken back to your Windows system because they are very important and thus, you rely on the inbuilt feature of Mac for transport of OLM to PST which demands the creation of an IMAP account and thus leads to vast amount of time consumption.

But if you are in an urgent need of speedy conversions, you are going to get the solution of your problem here. You are going to read the features of an OLM to PST files conversion tool that will definitely guide you at all times and help you complete your conversion task in a lesser amount of time.

You can convert OLM to PST which includes the conversion of your Mac mails and attachments and also the clocks, contacts and calendar entries. All these database files are read and each and every piece of these files is carefully handled.

The non – English characters which are used in the mails and lets you get connected with friends and colleagues staying abroad, is one of those special character which is left unread by all other converters but OLM to PST file converter converts them as well.

Also, when you export OLM to PST using the OLM to PST Converter Pro, you find all your files and folders arranged in the same hierarchical structure as it were before the conversion. All your converted files are saved at your desired location and thus it becomes easy for you to find your relevant files.

You also have a trial version of the tool available at which helps you transfer 10 OLM to files PST from each folder.